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FNAF Tour – Greenrooms of the Stars

Welcome to the Pizzaplex tour!

I’m going to start at the very beginning I think, we’ll work through the game in more or less the order of events as they happen, it’s as good a route to take as any! This time through I’ll be playing on the post RUIN build of the game, so we can see any areas it might deviate from the past three runs I’ve done.

An example of what I mean by the patch names can be seen here.

Freddy’s Room

We begin in Freddy’s room, which is gorgeously decorated. Some highlights are the big reflective bow tie on the couch, the fact his curtains apparently get closed at night (or does he close them himself), the kids drawings on the wall (which the others don’t have) and the amount of bowling memorabillia he had (a bowling pin, balls and so on). The arcade machine he has in his room is Street Skate Superstar, a game that puts me in mind of a very well known early Simpson’s game (Bart vs the Space Mutants)

Gregory is sent behind Freddy’s green room to sneak through to the main Rockstar Row area, but has to pass the other animatronics green rooms as he goes. The fact that Freddy has devised an escape route to get out of his room at night is very interesting. This links back to the connecting vents between Freddy and Glamrock Bonnie later on. It seems like he is quite familiar with circumventing the rules that are supposed to keep the animatronics trapped in their rooms.

Roxy’s Room

In Roxy’s room as we pass it, she seems to be having either a self pep talk, or is speaking to someone else entirely in the mirror. This is a very interesting conversation indeed. Her room is predictably themed after the raceway with numerous trophies, and a racing arcade game. Roxy also has a few bowling balls in her room and has her curtains wide open in front of the viewing glass.

Monty’s Room

Gregory can’t actually see into Monty’s room, it’s steeped in pitch blackness with only the sounds of him destroying things and raging in the absolute darkness. I also find this choice pretty compelling, it parallels Monty with other angry and destructive figures in the extended lore. In his room there is a golden giftbox we will collect later. His mirror is gone and his seemingly non-functional arcade machine is Monty Golf.

Chica’s Room

Chica is in her room is playing a rendition of the Van Halen Eruption guitar solo, the arcade machine in her room is Buff and Tuff and markedly NOT chica’s feeding frenzy which is inaccessible in the Security Breach base game (though some code remains) but was added back in in RUIN. She has tons of food in her room even though she’s not supposed to have it, with a heap of pizza boxes in front of her windows.

As an aside, the vents between the rooms have some very pretty fans going on.

Gregory manages to make his way out of the vents and enters onto Rockstar Row, where the various displays on the franchise are lined up, and that’s where we’ll head next.