Lore Speculation

Did Vanessa create the Pizzaplex with a targeted virus?

Last night I was looking up some of the old, scrapped AR emails for the sake of a fanfic that I’m writing and on re-reading them shock and I noticed something very curious about them. When we first read them, we weren’t really thinking about anything into the future but with RUIN and current theorising in mind, they seemed a lot more interesting.

Firstly, I just want to say up front that I know not everyone takes the AR emails into account as they are scrapped content, this is fine, I just think that its very interesting how they slot into our current theorising, its more entertaining than anything else.

AR Emails

So, what ARE the scrapped AR emails first, as I know not everyone will be familiar with these.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery (commonly known as just FNAF AR) was, and I say was as at this point it has not been updated in pretty much a year, a mobile augmented reality game created by Illumix. The game in its current form is just a microtransaction hole, which is a shame as the skins are nice and the premise was fine. The fandom doesn’t know exactly why it was abandoned but its fair to say some kind of disagreement about the continued use of the franchise lies at its heart.

Regardless of the reasons, the game lies incomplete, and the storyline related emails that were presumably intended to be fed to players as they played now lie unused in the code. Data miners pulled these out and found a lot of incredibly interesting information contained therin.

The main bulk of the emails involve some correspondence between “nessie97” and “luis.cabrera” with the others detailing internal information from Fazbear Entertainment and the third set focused on communication between workers removing the circuit boards from animatronics and scanning them in, followed by a cessation of work and a virus breaching the Fazbear systems.

In short, these emails were intended to lead into the events of Security Breach.

Their alignment with the game is part of why I consider them canonical, and the breadth of information contained in them is also supplementary to the information that we already have about the animatronics.

The Interesting Part

So from the emails that we have, some important ones stuck out to me, the first of these are below.

In this email we see that an All Staff email was sent out to Fazbear entertainment from a user named Pizzaplex. The attachment which is laden with a virus is disguised as a third floor birthday list of the employees and their respective taste in cakes along with their role. We see Luis is in the IT department and that Vanessa A would like a bunny shaped cake.

“no subject”

To: All Staff

From: _pizzaplex

-This message has no content-

Attachment: block_128


Fazbear Entertainment 3rd Floor Birthday List


Shonda F. (37, Legal – vanilla sprinkles)

Greg A. (44, IT – red velvet)


Luis C. (24, IT – chocolate)


Dan X. (32, IT – I hate cake)

Jerome K. (46, Accounting – red velvet)


James C. (38, IT – chocolate)


Kayla S. (51, Legal – pineapple)

Vanessa A. (23, Security – Bunny shaped)

Todd C. (26, Office Staff – chocolate)

Aiden J. (34, IT – vegan chocolate)


Ivan G. (54, Accounting – whatever)

Cheryl M. (29, Office Staff – ice cream)


Anand G. (40, Legal – lemon)

“no subject”

After this email is sent out we see the Security Incident Log for the company, where the virus packet is inspected and rejected on the 1st of September. This is followed by some account lockouts and password resets on the 4th and the 7th. There’s a suspected malwate hit on the 8th of September, which is removed. All of this is by J_B and A_L who we can assume are normal IT staff as they carry out all of this work. However, on the 15th we see someone with the initials V_A override the system detecting the virus packet and accept it into the system.

We can surmise from this that Vanessa was the one who manually allowed the virus into the Fazbear systems, even though she should not have had access to this area, she is clearly working on the same floor as many people in IT and has Luis who desperately wants to be her friend (or more) and who keeps ignoring or excusing her obviously suspicious and distressing behaviour.

The next email is his second last email to “Nessie” followed only by one saying there’s a package from a fabric company there for her to pick up.

To: nessie97

From: luis.cabrera

Hey, Ness,

I haven’t heard from you. I guess you probably know that. Does _pizzaplex mean anything to you? Whoever created those false credentials also used them to override security protocols and allow a data packet through after it was flagged as a virus.

I know it wasn’t you. I just need to hear you say it. Or write it, whatever. Please just get in touch with me.

Now this email is interesting to me because markedly, Luis asks Vanessa if _pizzaplex means anything to her. This could just be him not subtly accusing her of being involved in the virus that enters the system, but it also to me implies that at this point in time the Pizzaplex is not something people know about.

What does it mean?

Now what does the Pizzaplex not existing at this point mean? It seems like a nothing fact, after all, we see it under construction at the end of Help Wanted, right?

Well, I’m of the opinion that the fact we saw it under construction WITHIN VIRTUAL REALITY is incredibly important. I have discussed this previously in the multi theory video below


and the specifically SB related one where I was in denial.

Security Breach is Actually Virtual Reality! – YouTube

I think that it means that Vanessa built the Pizzaplex in VR using the virus.

The Reluctant Follower

With this prospective theory in mind – That Vanessa infiltrated the Fazbear systems with the Pizzaplex itself, looking to reach some secret or hidden project they possess (which is very possibly Gregory), it makes the conversation we overhear at the close of Help Wanted very interesting. This is obtainable only if we obtain Glitchtrap’s plushie after collecting all 16 tapes and the Vanny mask from the cellar in the corn maze game’s level in Curse of Dreadbear.

Vanny infiltrates the systems and retrieves important objects both from the base game and the content pack with its highly relevant theming.

She says the below.

Yes, I hear you. I know… No. There’s no miscommunication… I understand… Yes, I have it. I made it myself. I think you would like it… No, no one suspects anything… Don’t worry, I’ll be ready, and I won’t let you down. It will be fun.

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

Now, most people assume that she means her costume she was making and that she’s making a joke to William Afton (who people assumed she was speaking to) about it being a rabbit. However, could it be she’s discussing the Pizzaplex itself? He certainly would have liked it himself. We see Vanny there in a mandatory transfer from somewhere high up in the company. This doesn’t seem likely to happen in real life given the fact that people were generally onto what she was up to, but it would make sense if she was reassigned by the administrator. It also works toward explaining why Vanessa and Vanny are the only individuals we see at all in Gregory’s pizzaplex.

So, in conclusion do I think this solves all the problems with the timeline? Nope. Do I think it raises a lot of questions, yep. Is that a good thing? Also yes. I think the VR theory is worthy of a bit of thought, especially given the fact that RUIN heavily features blurring reality with AR/VR and that we now have confirmation the Security Breach characters like Daycare Attendant are going to be in Help Wanted 2

I think there’s more to the AR emails than we previously suspected.